Chicago Project



recording my days in Chicago, Winter 2016

The Chicago Project



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Travel to Chicago was my first trip alone, and by far, the most memorable one. Like every good trip but more, Chicago left me with diverse feelings, people and precious moments that I know that I may not be able to come across again. So to emerge myself  to the trip once again, I choose my top three moments of in Chicago to share as an illustration series.



Day 1. Eggs Benedict at The Bongo Room

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.05.31 AM.png

"Their deconstructed lobster eggs benedict was a must-have"



Day 2. The Bean

Chicago Project-02.jpg

"So there it is, The Bean. In windy city Chicago"



Day 3. The Famous Art Institute

Chicago Project-03.jpg
"Picasso? Monet? You name it, it was all there. I swear I could stay there for days"